Top Convertible Cars of India

Top Convertible Cars of India  

In comparing to western there not much crazy fans on convertible cars in India. Very few of us may know that their many companies that have launched a limited edition of their top models apart from this there are always a people who love to customize their car to regular to a convertible , below I had to mention few of the top convertible cars in India.

Maruti Suzuki Swift Convertible Car

Maruti Suzuki's cars are the best-selling cars in India. Maruti Swift is one of the company's best selling cars.

The company has recently launched the latest models of both the Swift and DZire cars, which are very much liked.

It is more retractable and sporty than the old model.
There is also a convertible version car which is only available abroad. This is a 2-door car.

Tata Nexon Convertible Car

This car of Tata Motors became the first choice of people when it came to the market. This compact SUV segment has managed to distinguish itself in the market due to its Affordable Prize, heavy and sporty look.

It is the company's first sub-4-meter compact SUV, which has been introduced in three unique colors.

This car looks quite sporty in its convertible incarnation. Convertible Nexus 2 Door has been provided, it has a seating area of 4 people.

Jeep compass Convertible Car

This car is called the Jeep brand's cheapest car because all the cars of Jeep are much more expensive than it. The render jeep's convertible model is quite attractive to see. Its windshield colors are painted with color. It's a 2-door version that is quite beautiful to look at.

Renault Kwid convertible

When Reno introduced the car looking like an SUV in the market then it got a good response, but after that, the decline went down. Recently the company has introduced the latest Kwidwith latest features.

Render made Kwid at Racer Concept, which Renault also launched at Auto Expo.

Maruti Vitara Brezza Convertible Car

Maruti Suzuki launches Vitra Breje as the first sub-4-meter SUV, which is a super hit. This car is also the company's best selling car which people like most. This car became a top-selling utility vehicle behind many utility vehicles.

Hyundai Elantra Convertible Car

The sedan car of Hyundai's Elegant look comes in the category of the premium car Alentra Company's premier car. The base of this car is much better than the convertale. Its large grill car offers a sporty look. Also its fluid design gives smooth driving.

Škoda Octavia Convertible Car

It will not be wrong to call this car a Hot Sedan car. The busy design line and powerful shoulders on its bonnet make it a perfect car for open roof design. The renderer has given a very beautiful look to the convertible version of this car.

Mahindra XUV 500 Convertible Car

The famous XUV500, known for its strong engine, is known for its stylish design.
Although the facelift model of this car has now come into the market, the converter version has been made by the renderer on an old car and has tried to tell if the car's convertible model comes in the market, how beautiful it is when it comes to the market.

Mahindra TUV 300 Convertible Car

Mahindra presented the official convertible model of the car based on the TUV300 in the auto expo in Delhi in 2018. Which was named Stinger?
This car has an engine of 2.2 liters which is capable of generating power of 140 bhp.

Honda Accord Convertible Car

Recently 6th generation of this car was launched in India. This car is now equipped with more modern features.

The sport is attracting people to sporty looks, but this car becomes even more beautiful when it is made an open top. Do not believe if you do not believe.

So the above mention is the top convertible cars in India which most people haven’t heard about. I hope you all like the post so please share it with the others.

How to keep kids safe in the car?

How to keep kids safe in the car?

How to keep kids safe in the car

Going to the Long Drive is one of the wishes for almost everyone, especially with my family. In this part of today's race, a person can barely spend a little time for his family. In today's time, the craze for going outing in the lovely car with your family during the weekend in the metros has been very good and it is also very refreshing. Yes, after working continuously for weeks, drive and enjoyable scenes give you a new energy in your life.

So far we have conveyed to you many tips like Night driving, Monsoon driving, and Rod Sense. But this time we have brought something different. Yes, sometimes a little negligence or during the journey, says that the lack of facilities grows on the pleasure of travel. During the outing, a family member who is most entitled to care and entertainment is the smallest member of the family and your loved one.

 We are talking about children's Whenever you plan such trips, how can you stay away from your children? You are planning an outing to remove your fatigue and set the mood, while the child is unaware of these things. But on such occasions, a child's smile proves to be the biggest protein for you in itself.

So let us tell you about how to provide better facilities and safety to children within the car during the trip. Let's know through the pictures that 10 tips that will not only benefit you but will also be beneficial for your child. After all, that's your future.

How to keep kids safe in the car?

We all know it is a very difficult task to handle children because sometimes their laughing activities also make you difficult, but the love of a parent is never less for them.

In today's time, almost all automobile manufacturers are also providing X-rays for their children's safety. Therefore, whenever you go out with your child, do not forget to read the manual given with the car and follow the instructions given.

Keep your car window close

Children have a special habit within the car that they are attracted rapidly towards the outside world, keep in mind that before the driving, close the car window. Do not stop the car window completely during this time to keep it slightly open so that air comes in and the problem of ventilation does not arise.

What to do if you are traveling with more than one kid

What to do if you are traveling with more than one kid

If two children sit in the back seat of the car then do not forget to instruct the elder child to take care of small and keep talking to him during the trip. It is very important to understand the mood of children and to make their gestures form a dialogue.

Child seat belt safety

At this time, there is plenty of child safety seat in the market, which is both comfortable and safe for your little. Use such seats and make your trip enjoyable.
These seats are such that you can set them on both sides of the car. This is why amusement is because some children have a habit that they are happy to see people from the last lead of the car or those who have lost the window on the road. Therefore, by setting the seat in such a way, they do not have to look backward again, they look at the world just as they want.

Help them feeding

During the journey, children have to take full care of their food items. Before feeding, you must feed your child so that they do not feel hungry. Keep in mind that do not keep the amount of food much as the children are vulnerable to vomiting when traveling. Also, do not forget to give baby nipple to the baby's mouth.

After setting the children on safety seat, close the seat belt properly. Keep in mind that the belt does not get too tight or pressure can also cause problems for the child.

How to keep children in the car Safe kids also like to keep their sweet objects while traveling, because in their mind they have a different world, they cannot see the slightest harm. So do not forget to keep your child's favorite toys such as Teddy, Doll etc. together during the trip.

If there is some confusion in your mind, just remember your childhood once you understand everything easily. How to keep children in the car Safe These types of seats are made so that your child is safe in every way and at the same time he sleeps easily when he sleeps. However, we cannot compare this seat with a mother's lap.

Do not keep anything in the car in the last seat in the car during the trip, which can harm your child. How to keep children in the car

Car driving tips for teenage girls

Car driving tips for teenage girls

Car driving tips for teenage girls

Car driving is a great skill, everyone thinks of filling the car with the car talking on the open road. In today's time, car driving is not only men but women also have tried outright. But it is seen so many times that the driving skills do not come fully emerging among the women, especially those who are in Teen-Edge.

We are not saying that Teen-Edge Girls are not a good driver, but the lack of experience is definitely somewhere. The shortcomings of this shortage are that those girls themselves or others have to suffer on the road, and the cases take the form of accidents.

 Today we will give you tips on car driving to Teen-Edge Drivers in this article. We have used some funny accent to make this article interesting and keeping the mind of the tin-agent in mind. All the girls are requested not to take it otherwise. We have great respect for you in our excitement, hope you will like our article and will surely share the shares in the friends. So let's see those great tips in pictures.

The headlight is not a make-up mirror bulb

When you get out of the house in the evening, keep your car's headlights on. Some people wait for the darkness in this case. Let me tell you, this is not your make-up mirror bulb but the road. The most special thing is that you do not have the appearance of suddenly being dark during driving, due to which your vigilance decreases. So do not do this, if the headlights of the car burn before the darkness, then you do not have to pay a bill separately.

Do not Be busy without reason

Your concentration is very important for better car driving. Yes, there is an old saying, 'Precautions happened due to lack of accident', so be careful as much as possible during driving. Implement the unfinished next line - Do not check make-up like lipsticks, nail signings, eyebrows etc. during driving. Also avoid avoiding some food during driving, such as chips, biscuits, burgers etc. - this will keep both your health and life far away.

Read a more interesting article like this:

Essential things to keep in your car
Safety tips for driving at night

Stay alone, or put mischievous people in the backseat to avoid an accident

Teen-Edge Girls likes to have a lot of outing with their friends. It is also good, it is a wonderful thing to spend a lot of time with everyday life and spend for myself. But if there are some people in your group that are in a mood of fun while outing - for example, in the car, there are bathroom singers, free degree engineers, then ask them to sit on the back seat of the car and drive the car alone with a cool mind. Do not pay too much attention to the condition of the past during this period. The journey will be pleasant.

Stay alone, or put mischievous people in the backseat to avoid an accident

Do not practice defensive driving

During driving, try to be mostly defensive. As you are alone on the road are fluid. Drive by taking care of the outer edges of the car, so that no part can get unwanted touches. Apart from this, play your innings while taking full care of road signals, breakers, divider, pitches etc. Keep breaking braking in an emergency.

Take care of the speed limit as your weight

In today's teen-age girls, there is a fair trend of zero figure. They see the fat of the whole world at home in the wombs of their mother. So when you are so aware of your body figure and weight, be aware of the speed of the car even while driving the car. If you are with friends, you do not cross your speed limit when someone is excited, believe that the house is built, and does not show any finger to the impaired. At the end, the mistake will be yours.

Avoid Mobile Kits

Avoid Mobile Kits

Well, for particular fable girls always say that they cannot stay calm. Believe it is not our opinion but the statement of a woman. Well during the driving, girls should avoid silent mode or continuous phone reception. Because the use of mobile during driving has caused many accidents in many cases.

Last but not the least

Yes, it is being told at the last but it is the first thing to keep in the most important and the mind. Yes, tin-agents should always choose a better and suitable car. Avoid driving an older and always car that carries a garage. Or, before going to the drive, make sure that your car will not deceive you on the way. We wish you a happy journey.

How to get the best price of your car in resale

How to get the best price of your car in resale

How to get the best price of your car in resale
Whenever someone sells his car, he wants to get maximum money for that car. Similarly, anyone who is buying that car also thinks that he has to pay a least for the car. So, what's the best way to ensure that you get the best resale value of your car?

1.Regular servicing and maintenance

It has often been seen that until the date of free maintenance of the car is finished, people get the car serviced on a regular basis, but after that do not take care of the car in the right way to save money. It is very important for the car to be serviced regularly. Regular servicing and maintenance keep the car's performance going on.
By servicing, all parts of the car are cared for, and if there is a problem with the car, then it will also be known in time. Car servicing should always be done by an authorized workshop and keep in mind that always replace the spare parts with original in the replacement.

Regular servicing, maintenance, and original spare parts will be good for your car performance and will remain as new, which are most important when selling a car.

2. Servicing History and Other Papers

During the sale, all the servicing bills and a complete record of it are quite useful - this gives the buyer the evidence of car maintenance.
If your car is in good condition then the buyer will not mind to spending more on it and it will prove to be better for the resale price of the car. If you have not recorded the previous services, then ask your authorized service center for the same.

3. Extended warranty or service pack

Extending the warranty often proves to be a win-win deal when purchasing a car. It also protects you from extra expenses in the car and if it is valid until the time of selling the car, it is useful to deal with.

4. Keep the car clean

It is very important to keep the car clean, whether it is new or old, sold or not sold. The car should be cleaned both inside and outside.
Regularly cleaning the car, its original color and mechanical shape remains intact. While car reselling it is very necessary that the buyer liked the car at first sight and that is possible only when the car is shining.

5. Keep the electrical parts properly

When you write in a car and that the car is fully functional and all its parts are working properly, the buyer is strongly affected by this.
If a buyer comes to buy a car and any car parts are not working properly, then he will demand to reduce the money of the poor parts while negotiating.

6. Avoid accessories modification
Many times people buy a car and then modify their parts according to their choice. It is possible that this will affect the original appeal of the car and the buyer does not like it.
The buyer often thinks that the modification in the car has been done due to any damage. So keep the as original as possible.

7. Avoid Engine Modification or Performance Tune-Up

Similar to the accessories modification, avoid tuning the car's engine modification for better performance. The buyer may suspect the car's performance and he thinks that the modification in the car would have been done due to any damage.

8. Keep the original paints

Many people like green, yellow or other bright colors, but always remember that these colors will definitely reduce the number of buyers of the car as they fade with time.
Most people like to have a color like silver, black or white on their car. However, if you have a sports car you can choose other colors like red, yellow or green.

9. Focus on driving conditions

Note that the car's clutch and brake etc. are working well and make sure that the car is clean.
If you hear a voice while driving or if there is any disturbance then get it repaired immediately. Because these sounds or problems may seem small to you, but you can put the buyer in doubt and have an impact on the car sales price.

10. Avoid Traffic Traps of your car

Traffic regulators and rules are quite stringent and modern. Today is the round of e-challan. The buyer can only remove all the traffic records of your car online using the car's registration number. If you have a challan pending, it can affect the resale price of the car.
Trust me if you keep in mind that is mention above on how to get the best resale value of your car, you will definitely get the best result while selling it.

Quadro Qooder – Price Features and all you need to know about the 4 wheel scooter

Quadro Qooder 2019– Price Features and all you need to know about the 4 wheel scooter

Quadro Qooder – Price Features and all you need to know about the 4 wheel scooter

Worldwide scooter market is growing rapidly and at the same time the scooter market is getting increasingly demanding. Keeping in mind the taste of the customers, two-wheeler makers from around the world are offering excellent scooters one after another. When we say two wheeled it actually meant two wheels in scooters, but now a scooter has been introduced, in which 4 wheels have been used.

The main reason for this change in the scooter market is that the exercise of making a scooter driving more comfortable. Today we have brought you a similar scooter known as Quadro Qooder. Very attractive look, strong engine capacity, and 4-wheeled scooters to include such technical features that you will be surprised to know.

In fact, this scooter has been made by the Switzerland company Quadro and named it the Qooder. It's a 4-wheeled ultra-modern tilting scooter. Tilting scooter means that its wheels are capable of running smoothly on any surface, even if two wheels of the scooter are in a higher position and other two wheels are on lower ground, then too the suspension will adjust in such condition and scooter remains completely balanced i.e. from this tilted position too the scooter continues to move without spoiling the balance.
This scooter is designed by Lucio Marbes and is famous for such scooter designs. Even before this, he has designed such two-wheeler scooter.

What's new in the New Quadro Qooder 2019
This Quadro Four Wheel Scooter is much better and balanced than a normal two-wheeler scooter. The biggest feature of this scooter is that these scooters can be easily driven on the road due to four wheels. During driving, the driver is safe of falling from the scooter. Now you may be thinking that how much of this scooter can be bent or tilted towards the ground, if it is four wheeled.

If this was a normal four-wheel scooter, then it would have been difficult to do this, but the company has used modern technology equipped with hydraulic tilt system (HTS) in this scooter. It has been connected through suspension in the middle of the wheels. Because of which, when you bend or tilt the scooter on one side, its suspension pipe goes inwardly, so that you can easily turn this scooter like a sports bike, easily.
Not only this, with the help of this hydraulic tilt technology, you can easily mount a wheel of a scooter at a higher position or you can jump the scooter away from any pit. During this time, Tilt Technology will fully support your driving. There will be no problem in any kind of driving. No matter how bad the road is, the four wheels of this scooter keeps good grip on the road.

When you drive a bike and you bend the bike towards the road, you have to take special care of the speed of the bike. Apart from this, you have to pay special attention to your knees so that they do not bump into the surface. But this is not the case in Quadro Qooder scooter. This scooter gives you the flexibility to bend down to 45 degrees and all this is possible due to this hydraulic tilt technology.

Apart from this, the company has prepared the body of this bike very delicately, which provides the stylus look with a balanced drive along with the rider. This time the heavy body scooters are trending. In this case, these scooters will definitely be liked by the youth.

Quadro Qooder Engine efficiency: In the case of the engine, there is no about its efficiency. In the Quadro Qooder, the company has used a single cylinder, 4-stroke engine with a capacity of 399 cc., which provides scooter with strong power of 32.5 horsepower and 38.5 nm torque. In this scooter, the automatic CVT gearbox has been used.

Quadro Qooder size:
Height - 1360 mm length - 2200 mm
Wheelbase - 1580 mm
Total weight - 281 kilograms

Attractive design:
The company has designed this scooter especially as a hornet that looks like a jet sky. The front of the scooter has been provided a very sharp look. Apart from this, seating arrangements have been done very well in order to provide better and comfortable travel to the driver. In it, the driver's foot is fully covered with the front panel and the driver's seat is placed slightly below. Behind the scooter is a handy locker where you can keep your helmet. The company has introduced this scooter in Raw Black, Titanium Gray, Swiss Red and White Color.

All these colors fuse very smoothly with the look of this scooter. The price of this Quadro Qooder scooter is $10,990, i.e. about 9.25 lakh rupees Indian currency. Although it is difficult to say whether this scooter will be offered in the Indian market or not, the scooter is in a very broad discussion about its technical and design. Well, in the Indian market, more than one spectacular scooters are being introduced and there is considerable change in this segment. In such a situation, it is expected that the company will present this scooter in the Indian market.

BMW G 310R Review – Buy or not to buy?

BMW G 310R Review – Buy or not to buy?

BMW, the leading automaker of Germany, launched its new fledgling motorcycle BMW G310R on July 18, 2018, in the Indian market. This bike, adorned with a very attractive look and strong engine capability, was introduced to the Indian customers for the first time in 2016 in Delhi Auto Expo 2 years ago by the company. Although at that time, the company couldn't launch the bike due to certain reasons and the bike was delayed on the Indian road.
BMW G 310R Review – Buy or not to buy?

Now after the BMW G 310R has come to the market, it is imperative to ask the question, what is the new BMW G310R, how is the performance and how much does it judge with its BMW G 310R price. But before that we get aware of the specifics of this bike, it is also very important to know that why this delay was there by the company in the Indian market -

BMW Motorrad is a premium two-wheeler manufacturer and it has been building its fabulous bikes all over the world for the last 95 years. So far, the company's portfolio included the engine capacity bikes of heavy cc. Recently in 2013, the company joined hands with the TVS Motor Company and planned to manufacture low-cc engine capacity bikes.
Let me tell you, the BMW G310 stunts were the first concept bike of the coalition which the company had displayed in Brazil in late 2015. Just a month after this, BMW had officially introduced the BMW G310R at the EICMA motorcycle show held in Milan, and after about a few months it was also displayed in the Indian market Delhi Auto Expo.

The production version of this motorcycle was displayed to the world in 2016, and in the overseas market, BMW has also started exporting it to many countries. But in the Indian market, it took almost two years to come.
Initially, the company sold its motorcycle through direct import and export. But after some time, the company expanded its network in the Indian market through TVS Motor Company so that it could be sold in the domestic market. Let's know, how the new BMW G310R is in terms of technical, features and driving.

Design and Style of BMW G 310R: The new BMW G310R is a very luxurious bike. The company has done a lot of work on its design and it looks like BMW's heavy bikes. In terms of design, this bike provides a premium look to every driver and of course this bike will be very attractive to the youth.

The new BMW G310R is a very luxurious bike. The company has done a lot of work on its design and it looks like BMW's heavy bikes. In terms of design, this bike provides a premium look to every driver and of course this bike will be very attractive to the youth.
If you look at this bike from a distance, then it appears in a slick look but when you come to it, you have the impression of being muscular. Overall, the company has not done any kind of design and look in this bike. Attractive muscular and sporty look makes this bike extremely special.

BMW has always been famous for its quality. Based on this, the company has done the best bodywork on this bike. The German tech looks fine in its paint job.
The company has used the White Color Cowl and Tanks in the front, apart from this, it has been given a sub-side down fork of Golden Color to give a better look, which provides a very attractive look to the bike. LED tail lamps have been used in the bike.


Although the LED is not used in its headlight and indicator, which is a mixing part. This feature is very important as a premium bike. In this bike, the fully digital instrument cluster is used which displays fuel gauge, average speed and other signals.

BMW G 310R  Engine efficiency and performance:

In the new BMW G310R, the company has used the capacity of 313 ccs of a liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine, which provides a torque of 28 nm with bike-powered at 33.6 bhp. Apart from this, 6-speed gearboxes have also been included in it. To let you know, this same engine was also used in TVS Apache RR 310. Overall, the experience of this engine has already been received by customers present in the Indian market.
Although she lacks one thing while driving, if the bike is stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic is the problem may increase as it observes a lack of end torque. The bike is better in the case of pick-up. Within just 3.7 seconds, this bike is capable of catching up to 60 kilometers per hour. Apart from this, the top speed of this bike is 143 kilometers per hour.

This is a very great bike to run on the highway. At speed of 100 kilometers per hour and about 6,500 rpm, the bike feels very comfortable. Which is rarely seen in this segment bikes. The company has prepared this bike in a very balanced manner.

BMW G 310R Ride and Handling:

We also ran this bike on the highway and in many places tested this bike during turning. Bike balance and riding experience at any point were superb. Besides, it's handling of course will make you drool. In this bike, the company has also used a better braking system. In the front wheel, a disc brake of 300 mm and a 240 mm disc brake in the rear wheel has been used. Which also gives you better handling and balanced braking experience at high speed.


There are no two opinions in it that the new BMW G310R is a modern age stylish bike. The company has used excellent and sophisticated features, a technical and superb engine in it. Which make this bike extremely brilliant in its segment. In the Indian market, the company has fixed the price of the new BMW G 310R at Rs 2.99 lakh.
Being a premium bike, this motorcycle is very fantastic according to their cost. Apart from this, the nearest rival, Kawasaki Ninja 300, is worth Rs 2.98 lakh in the Indian market. So it would probably be best to drive a German tech bike. Although there is not much difference in the price of both, there is a considerable difference in the brand value with the features, tech and riding experience.

5 signs to immediately change your car's tire

5 signs to immediately change your car's tire

Fun of talking to the air on an open stretch of highway like a free bird can only be understood by a car driver. But sometimes this fun is cut short by some reasons which are not due to the driver but car itself.
5 signs to immediately change your car's tire

You must be wondering how the car can cause disruption. Come, let's talk about it, do you take care of your as you take of yourself? According to a survey, people pay more attention to the overwhelming glow of their car, for example, its paint etc. but very few people pay attention to the tire of their cars. Remind you that a better car without a good wheel cannot be imagined.
Apart from this, some people cannot make out when the wheels of their car need change. So today we will tell you about this in this article. Let's know as to how you can know that now your car needs new tires.

In case of these 5 signs, immediately change your car's tire

As you take care of your feet, you need to take care of your car's tires in the same way, so that you will never have to halt your long drive.

Tire wear
The first hint is the receding of the top cover of tire tread. It is common that a tire tread will wear out after a continuous car run for a long time. If your tire's tread has become less than 1.6 millimeters, then it is a clear indication that your car needs new tires.

Treadwear indicator bar

Trade Wear Indicator Bar, it is the gap between the tires. This is an indicator bar, whose height is less than the outer surface of the Tire's tread. This indicates you a bit when your vehicle needs a new tire, if the outer surface of the Tire is equal to the bumpy bits then it is time for a change.

Getting crack on the side wall

When the tires are old, cracks appear on their shores. You can easily see them when your car is parked. In the early stages, they look a little bit, but after a few days, their size increases. But do not take the cracks of these cracks lightly. This is also a sign of new tires for your car.

Show up on wheels

Wherever you go by your car, there is no guarantee that you get a smooth road. Which has a direct effect on the wheels of your car. Yes, when you run your car on the ups and downs of the streets, or on the bad roads, the car's weight on the bad roads itself causes an immense load on tires. Due to which the shorts on the sides of the shore are seen, or the shape of their bursts appear. This is a clear indication of the use of new tires.

Vibration while running the car

When you drive your car, you won't feel any vibration or jerk coming of the car because of the bumpy road but when you are on the flat road, at that time there is a feeling of vibrations in your car, then check your wheels immediately. If the tire is old, replace the tires with immediate effect by consulting the mechanic.

India's Best Vehicle Insurance Companies

India's Best Vehicle Insurance Companies

India's Best Vehicle Insurance Companies

Every car owner is always surrounded by a question once a year, whether his car's insurance is enough or the company with which they have insurance is better for them. Recently we had told about some key things related to car insurance, which was widely appreciated by the readers. Meanwhile, a reader asked us about the insurance companies, which company would be better for his car insurance.

Although there are a lot of auto insurance companies in the country, we have studied deeply in almost all of the major companies. The rules of all of which were somewhat similar and in a few cases, they were different from each other. In the same reply to our readers, we have come here for you with the list of India's main vehicle insurance companies. So let's know of those motor insurance companies.

ICICI Lombard
ICICI Lombard has emerged as the leading brand in the country's automobile insurance companies. Recently the J.D. Power Asia Pacific Award was also felicitated to this company. Apart from this, according to a survey, this insurance company is the most popular among customers.

  • Some of the features of this company are as follows.
  • Surveys at your home
  • Towing facility of vehicle
  • Purchase online
  • Digital sign policy
  • A cashless statement in more than 2900 garage

Tata AIG vehicle insurance
Although Tata AIG is not very old insurance brand, the company has started its operations in 2011. But in a very short time, this company has become very popular by providing customers with the best service, particularly the determination of claims.

  • The main features of this company are as follows.
  • Free auto pickup
  • Warranty during repairing
  • Cashless treatment on a service center
  • Claim statement within 7 days
  • Full care of customer convenience

Oriental Insurance
Oriental Insurance is operated by the Central Government. This company is a leading government organization for motor insurance in the list of companies. This company was awarded the Best Public General Insurance Company Award. Being a government authorized company, this company has gained immense popularity due to its better performance in the field. In the case of two-wheeler insurance, this company has no other competitor. The characteristic of this company is as follows.

  • The oldest and trusted name in motor insurance
  • Most claim settlement percentage
  • Fast Claim Statement Facility
  • Payable on the basis of fair, value

New India Assurance Company
A company run by The New India Assurance Company is a popular brand name in this field. This is one of the insurance companies operated by the government, which has its reach in the international market. Following are the few noteworthy points about this company.

  • Claim settlement within 3 days of application
  • Appointment of surveyor within 48 hours of application
  • Currency payment within 3 days of the release of receipt of discharge bouquet

The company has also achieved a lot in the HDFC Ergo Insurance field. HDFC Ergo is a very popular brand in the insurance segment among private insurers. This company was also chosen as the country's finest insurance brand by IAIR in 2003. Few of the characteristic of this company is as below:

  • Age and profession exemption 
  • No document charges
  • Fast Claim settlement
  • 1600 + Cashless settlement in network garage

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