Top 5 Free Apps for every car lover

Top 5 Free Apps for every car lover

According to an analysis we spend on an average daily 3 hours in our car, that is about 52 days in a year. More and more people are avoiding public transport and preferring cars for sake of freedom of self-driving experience and flexibility.

Keeping this in mind App development companies are working on more and more advanced version of apps that are specifically designed and developed for the car lovers. These apps run on Android as well as IOS.

Having best-suited car apps on your mobile can be advantageous for you as you can multitask and save time and money. Under this article I would like to cover top 5 Apps for the car lovers, let’s find out:

Top 5 Free Apps for every car lover:

1. Gas Buddy
2. Android Auto
3. Find My car
4. Mycarfax
5. MMGuardian

Gas Buddy

Why should I have this app?

a) Its free
b) To get cheap Gas

If you are a spendthrift guy, then I suggest you install this app, as it will help you to get cheap gas while you are on the road trip. It has a unique feature that allows you to update the price so that any other user can get the advantage of it as well.

This is pretty much user-friendly and comes up with many other features that can make your journey smoother.

Android Auto

Why should I have this app?
a) Its free
b) To the better management of your Google services.

This app allows you to manage your Google services like maps, messaging, music and many others. Most of the time it comes up with the touchscreen version of your dashboard cars, I actually mean that it comes pre-installed in your car.

In our testing, we had found a few loopholes and feedback for the same was provided to the company and they are working on it to update it. In simple words this app worth a lot on your car journey.

Find My Car

Why should I have this app?
a) Its free
b) Helps you to find your car in the parking

I know its pretty much frustrating for you when you have to search for your car in the parking’s, well this app “Find My Car” is just the right kind of app which can help you relieve this tension.

The concept is pretty much simple as this app works with the GPS location and Internet. This app can help you save lots of time so you must have it now.

My CarFax

Why should I have this app?
a) Its free
b) It is for your car maintenance.

This app is actually about your car maintenance as it keeps an eye on most of the things and actions in your car. With a support of this app you can find the best car mechanic in your network and reach. All and all one must have this app as well.

MM Guardian

Why should I have this app?
a) Its free
b) Car control guard for kids.

This app can be useful for the parents who want their teenage kids to be in control while they are driving by blocking their text msg, call and even it can block the whole phone while they are driving.

This app can help you to be in control while even you are not actually driving and ensuring the safety of your loved ones.


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