Honda Civic Hybrid versus Toyota Prius – Make your choice!

Honda Civic Hybrid versus Toyota Prius – Make your choice!

Honda Civic Hybrid versus Toyota Prius are the two major sedans who have dominated the auto market for very long periods, they come up with many similarities as well as difference. Let’s compare it to you so that in case you are planning up to buy a new hybrid sedan than it can help you make your mind.
In this article, we will cover the following points about the cars which help you make up your mind:-

  • - Overall look and feel (Internal and external)     
  • - Driving experience
  • - Specifications and details
  • - Pricing

Overall look and feel (Internal and external)     
Well, as far as the look and feel matter they are both on the other side of the earth, which means, where Honda civic comes up with a classic look and Toyota Prius come up with a sleek and powerful look.
The dashboard of both the cars gives a very ergonomic look as they both look out of this world, both dashboards come up with a lead the info that you need, as to how much electricity you have consumed and few others.

Driving experience
There can be only one word that can define the driving experience of both the cars and that is “smooth”. The controls like brakes, steering, and acceleration will give you such a smooth feeling, as you are in your mother’s lap.

Specifications and details

Honda Civic Hybrid

  • Pandora capability
  • 160-watt AM/FM/CD audio system
  • Available leather-trimmed seats
  • Available heated seats
  • 5” multi-information display
  • Energy flow indicator

Toyota Prius

  • Eco Features like Eco Score, Eco Savings Record, Eco Wallet so you can minimize your carbon footprint.
  • Entune app suite featuring IHeartRadio, Pandora, Yelp, Open Table, and
  • SofText trimmed seats
  • Available heated seats
  • 4.2” multi-information display

Well, when it comes to pricing they both are almost on the same page as their price is about $34000 overall. The pricing cannot be a matter if you are actually looking out for hybrid cars like Honda 

Civic Hybrid or Toyota Prius.

Which car should I buy a Honda Civic Hybrid or Toyota Prius?
Take at least drive of both the cars before buying as this will help you make your mind. Whereas most of the time buying a special car is an emotional decision to make rather than a practical one.

Well, there are other Hybrid SUV that I always wanted to compare from my end and I had mention it here below:-

GMC Yukon Hybrid
gmc yukon

A perfect combination of power and size the engine is so powerful that you can even go for the power jobs like towing.

The base model starts around $51000 and goes up to $65000. If we talk about the mileage then it varies from 20kmpl – 25kmpl.

Ford Escape Hybrid
ford escape hybrid

The leaders of the auto industry come up with another leader on road i.e.  Ford Escape Hybrid. This is far ahead of its competitors in most of the points. It’s cheap Hybrid SUV when you looking out for a special SUV like this.

Toyota Highlander Hybrid
toyota highlander hybrid

When you are talking about Toyota Highlander Hybrid you are talking about the beast who is waiting for you to unleash him. The price of the Toyota Highlander Hybrid starts from the range of $38000 - $43000. The entire vehicle is four-wheel drives, giving it both economy and strength.

There are many more Hybrid SUV other segments car that I had wanted to mention but, this will only go to confuse you, so this was my shortlist or in another case, you can say few top-rated Hybrid cars and SUV that can be the first choice of any drive crazy people out there.

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