Pros and Cons of buying Tesla Electric Cars

The Pro and Cons of Buying Tesla Electric cars

As the legend says that “every good thing come with a price to pay” this can be a very much suitable term for someone who is planning to buy an electric car like Tesla.
We all know how Electric car company Tesla had set the landmark and revolution to the industry of the car industry and I personally really support the effort that this company has put when it comes to steps they have taken so far in this industry.
But, somehow I really feel is that having an electric car at your garage can really solve the issue like depleting petroleum resources and increasing carbon footprints or ever-increasing global warming.
So I personally started researching and got in touch with the people who are actually using electric cars like Tesla or others and the result I found that really surprised me.
Below are the some Pro and Cons of buying or having Electric cars like Tesla can really help you to come up with some real reason to buy or not:-

The Cons of Electricity cars

Not good enough when it comes for long distance driving
In case you are planning up to go for the long distance driving then electric cars can’t be your partner for the ride as you just cannot afford that without a supercharger or its pretty much hard to believe that you can get charging points in the middle of the highways.
Buying cost is pretty much High
The initial cost of the electric cars is pretty much high than what regular gas cars are off.
Trips can take a longer period of time
As I already mention above that you waste an extra time when it comes to a long trip as you have to wait for the roadside supercharge to use for your car charging. This means that every now and then you have to keep eye on the charging points. This can really get nasty sometimes and ruins the trips.
General points
a)    Consumes more energy in cold conditions.
b)    Maintaining your electric car can cost you much more than what in regular format of gas cars.  
Now you guys must be considering mean as big hater of an electric car but I would like you to read the further below as I come up with some points which actually praise this segment of cars, Now let's go for the Pros of having an electric car.

The Pros of Electricity cars

Environmental Friendly
Since the engine does not consume fuel or it does not produce killing gases like carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide so owning an electric car can be a very much ecological friendly option.
No Noise pollution
In compare of the gas engine cars, electric cars do not produce all that noise so this can be a clear message to no noise pollution.
Maintenance is cheaper in the lower versions
When it comes to taking care of your electric car we had found the Maintenance is always an issue but at the same time, we had found that maintenance of a lower version of electric cars is much cheaper in compare of higher version.
Good Acceleration
In case you are really crazy about the speed then you must go for the electric car as very powerful and dynamic and the acceleration is fast and constant.
Save you money
The insurance is cheaper and in some countries, if you are the owner of an electric car then insurance is free of cost, apart from this it also save you some money in terms of fuel as they may cost you extra.
Here at the end, I would like to mention once again that I’m not the hater of the electric cars but my point was to put all the matters in front of my readers so that come up with their mind to buy electric cars or not.

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  1. Many people intrigued by electric vehicles will tell you the main reason they haven’t made the jump to a plug-in car is lack of public charging stations. EV charging station


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