Speedtail – Next Ultimate Series McLaren

Speedtail – Next Ultimate Series McLaren

The rumors were out in back that McLaren is working on something very special and directly may be related to F1 supercars of the 90s, so the name is out and it will be known as Speedtail.
If we go with the internal sources, confirms that it will be hybridized with a superior top than the F1 and it will give a comfort for long distance travelers as it will come up with more luggage space and foot space.
We still don’t have many updates and news on the Speedtail just yet but it will come up with three seat unit and come up with a powerful engine that will boost it to reach the top speed of 391km/h.
The McLaren Speedtail will be limited to 106 units; exactly the same number of F1's built.
All total we can say that Speedtail will be a world-class automobile which will be a perfect combination for both speed lovers as well as comfort driving people, we hope to see the best of competition at this yearend when it will be launched.

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