5 Best car accessories to buy under Rs 500

5 Best car accessories to buy under Rs 500

After buying a car, people add new accessories like Alloy Wheels and Audio system. Although they have to spend a lot of money to buy them. 

Today we will tell you about 5 such car accessories which have done better and will come within just Rs 500.

1. Affordable Mobile Car Charger for your car (Rs 200 - Rs 500)

Nowadays mobile battery is running very low. In this case, it is most important to have this device in the car. One of the good car mobile chargers can be brought online between the Price range of: 200 to 500 rupees

2. Affordable Mobile car mount for your car (Rs 100 - Rs 300)

Buy mobile car mount to easily use other features from Google Map in the phone. It can be installed on the car's windscreen or dashboard. One of the mobile car mounts that is sturdy and cheap can be brought here at the best price. 
Price range Rs. 100 to 300

3.Affordable Mini Dust Bin for your car (Rs 200 - Rs 500)

Nobody wants his car to look filthy. Therefore it is necessary to have a small dustbin in the car. Garbage like receipt, toffee rappers and tissue paper can be inserted into it.
Price range: 200 to 500 rupees

4. Affordable Fire Extinguisher for your car (Rs 200 - Rs 500)

I pray that it should never be needed but keeping a 500 ml fire extinguishers in the car will be beneficial and can be life-saving.
Price range: about 200 rupees

5. Affordable Seat belt cushion (Rs 200)

It is beneficial for children or short-length ones. The seat belt does not hurt you due to soft cushion near the neck and head.
Price range: Within 400 Rupees

I hope you like the details about the accessories and in case you are looking out for some more extra and high tech gadget that every car must have than just follow the link and find out.

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