5 Myth and Truths about driving – Expert Opinion

5 Myth and Truths about driving – Expert Opinion

Do you feel that the car has to be warmed before driving every time? it's not like that at all. There are many such assumptions among those who drive cars, especially those who drive a new car that is not true. Here we will tell you about some of the myths that are popular among the people, but they are not correct. Below are 5 Myths and truths about driving.

1. Need to heat the engine before driving?

There is a belief that the car's engine should be heated before driving. Automobile expert Murad Ali said that it is not so. Nowadays, most cars are using fuel injection technology. In earlier times the engine was carbureted, where it was impossible to adjust the air/fuel mixer on the basis of temperature. But the fuel injection automatically adjusts the fuel and air ratio and also runs in cold temperatures. Nowadays, the cars are designed in such a way that they get heated faster.

2. Car mileage is reduced by running AC

Generally, this happens in the case of slow speed and burns more fuel (consumed), if the air conditioner is 'on'. However, keeping the windows down at speed high, the fuel efficiency decreases. In such a situation, it would be better than you run your car on high speed, keeping the air conditioner 'on' because the role of air is important here.

3. A manual transmission is more fuel efficient than automatic

Automatic Transmission is a new technology and it can also be correct. Variable transmissions with recent technological advances, such as infinite gear ratios, reduce the benefits of a manual transmission. In many cases, the engine with automatic transmission can prove to be more beneficial.

4. If you have to save money then buy in the morning petrol-diesel

According to Bank Market, this argument is believed to be solid when the temperature cools down. So you get more fuel per liter, but it's not like that. Gasoline is stored in the tank on the ground, where temperature fluctuation is very low. So the gas coming from the nozzle comes with a similar density.

5. Premium Fuel gives you more power

There are many people who spend extra money on the petrol pump for premium fuel. But some high-performance cars require a premium gas so you can use regular fuel in the non-premium car without any hassle. The premium fuel is not much refined compared to the common fuel, it is only more compactable. This is suitable for those engines which have high compression ratios.

So I hope the above mention 5 myths and truths about the driving will clear all your doubts in mind, and f any, don’t worry and now just go out enjoy your driving.

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