5 Points to increase your car mileage

5 Points to increase your car mileage

It's not possible to talk about a car and ignore the mileage. Even today, many type of advanced and premium cars have come out, but still people still give mileage a priority. According to a report, two-thirds of the people give mileage the first priority. So let us talk about 5 points to increase the mileage of cars that you should take care of.

Maintain the air pressure of the tire

The first and foremost thing to remember is to maintain the tire pressure of your car. It should always be according to the manufacturer's guide. It would be better for you to check the tire pressure before leaving, because with inadequate tire pressure, the car gets more exertion on the engine due to more friction and the mileage gets reduced.

Do not always turn AC on

Many people keep the air conditioner of the car running, which is not necessary. It is wrong because it consumes more oil and if the weather is good in the morning, then try to keep the air conditioners switched off.

Shutdown the car on the traffic signal

There are many people that do not stop the car engine on the signal, but if the traffic is high then it will be wise to stop the engine. Oil will last and pollution will also be reduced.

Time to time car Servicing

If you need mileage from the car then your car's engine, clutch, gear etc. parts need to work well and it is necessary that car servicing should be done from time to time. Always get your car serviced by a trusted mechanic.

Oil quality
Avoid filling at any gasoline pump and roadside oil, because sometimes these places do not give a clean oil. Try to do the same at night or in the morning, because the petrol/diesel is thicker at night.

I just hope that if you follow the above mention 5 points to increase the car mileage than you'll find the better results in the comparison of weeks or month.

Save money and value of its and i hope that you liked the articles as well, hope to see you back soon with more info 

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