A Journey of 78 years old Jeep company

A Journey of 78 years old Jeep company

Jeep is the oldest off-road car in the world. 78 years ago the Jeep was specially prepared for the US Army, but due to its growing craze it was also designed for the common people. Everyone wants to travel by jeep in today's world but everyone can not fulfill this dream. This is one of the expensive cars which are considered to be status symbols. Jeep was first designed specifically for the Army only.
In fact, during World War II, the US Army needed a light-weight vehicle that could be used in the war as well as in other normal tasks of the Army. For this, the Army has contacted 135 companies, but only two of them approved the proposal for such a car. After this, the first jeep was ready, which for years became the army's first choice. So let's know how this iconic train journey has been so far from World War .....

When the world's first jeep

During World War II, when the US was going to join the war in Europe, the U.S. Army needed a four-wheeler vehicle. For which army has contacted 135 carmakers. But only 3 companies came to answer. Ford was the first American car company and the second one was Bantam and Willys-Overland  the third company. But within a year, the collective form of a car in the three groups, which was recognized worldwide as 'Jeep'.

The challenge was in front of the companies

Army created a deadline to build a prototype car in 49 days to make the car which seemed impossible to the companies. Both the companies asked for more time from the army, but the army refused. The bankrupt American company did not have an engineer, after which it called an independent designer Carl Probst from Detroit. But rejected Bantam's request. Subsequently, Probst accepted the job after the Army said again and initially started working on July 17, 1940 working without wages. After that, the probes made a car but this car was not able to produce torque according to the army's specifications. Senna felt that the Bantam Company is small due to the needs of the vehicles as per the requirement. After which its design was handed over to Willys and Ford. After which Ford's "Pygmy" and Willys' Quad Prototype Bantam BRC (Bantam Military Survey Car) prototype was prepared.

Army needed a strong and light car

- The Army needed a light, compact vehicle, so that the officers, soldiers and weapons of the Army could be easily moved from one place to another. As well as the injured soldiers could be taken to the earliest for treatment. For this willys MA was prepared in 1941. Which Army has just prepared for 2610 pounds i.e. only 979 kg. For this, the company used very little nuts-bolts in it to make its weight according to parameters by the Army.
First jeep
The world's first jeep was built in 1940. Which was specially prepared for the US Army. 135 carmakers were contacted by the Army to make the 1/4 tonne light "light reconnaissance vehicle" that meets the parameters made by the Army, but only three companies, Bantam, Willys and Ford Came forward
After which the three groups collectively drafted a prototype known as Jeep in the world weight.
- Built prototype 'Quad' in Willys Allerland, a car equipped with a 4 * 4 wheel system. Which was given to the US Army on November 1, 1940, on Armite's Day.


In this iconic car, there was a choice of gear shift in the steering column itself. In addition, there were two side body cutouts, two circular instrument clusters on the dashboard, and hand breaks in the left side as well. Willis weighs 2160 pounds of this car, which was fixed according to the parameters of the Army. Nut bolt was used very little in this jeep. Most of the MA models were sent to the US, England and Russia, under the Land Lease Program. Today Willys MA is one of the rare pre-production cars, with only 30 models remaining worldwide.

1941-45 WILLYS MB

After several testing, the MA model of Willys was upgraded and built in the name of MB model. The company was given a contract in July 1941 to build this car. The company built 16,000 units of this car, which the Army bought at $ 738.74 per car.
To improve this model of Willy's MA, many changes were made in 'Quad' such as gear shift given in the steering column. Apart from this, many paraphernalia changes were made, such as hand brake, single piece wheel and round door cut out.
With the use of this small military vehicle WILLYS MB jeep, a revolutions were launched in US Army, with the use of the motorcycle, with Army horses. It was possible to work in every way with this car. The most special thing was that 30 to 50 machine guns could be easily taken on this small car. Also, it used to be easily used anywhere in the desert or rocky place.
1945-1949 JEEP CJ-2A
- This car was made for the first time especially for the general public. Because the car used to be quite popular after the use of the army. According to Willys, there were 5.5 million farmers in the US who did not have a tractor or truck to work on the fields so that they could easily do farm related work.

This car was specially designed for the farmers who can be used as a horse working on the fields. It could be run 10 hours a day and 4 miles per hour, even then its engine did not make any difference. It has been used for many years in various fields of farming and factory.

1946-1965 WILLYS Wagon

This car was America's first all-steel station wagon. This car was brought to market with the 463 Jeep® Station Wagon model in 1946. This car was made with a combination of 3 colors which looked like a car made of wood. This was a low maintenance car. It was as easy as cleaning the kitchen to clean the car.
This car was given commercial delivery format such as sedan delivery, panel delivery, and utility delivery in which back door was given. This car was manufactured for 20 consecutive years, never before in the American automobile sector.
It was made for Modern Farmer, which could easily be done with farming activities. It was open from the back side to carry the baggage. This truck was available in both options with 4 wheel drive with 2 wheels. Its power engine generated the power of 72 Horse Power.

1948-1951 JEEP JEEPSTER (VJ)

This car was designed keeping the youth in mind. It was a sporty and convertable car that could be opened from the top. There were curtains on its side which could be adjusted according to convenience. Along with it there was a roll-down window. At that time the price of this car was approximately $ 1900.
It was a lot like women, and with this, it was a perfect car for college going students too.
The car had a 161 cubic inch 6-cylinder "Hurricane" engine.

1949-1953 JEEP CJ-3A

This Jeep of CJ-3A model is known as a better re-Creation Jeep. It was introduced in 1948. The CJ-3A looked like the previous jeep, but it is considered to be better than them in terms of features. There was a single wind shield which could be bent. Along with this, two wipers were given in this jeep.
This car used to produce more power than the first model CJ-2A.

190-1952 JEEP M38 (MC)

Upgraded CJ-3A to the battlefield, made an iconic jeep, which was more powerful than ever before and was equipped with many features which were not found in earlier models. This model was named M38
- This was Jeep Army's first post Military Jeep which was used in World War II. In this jeep, there was more robust frame and suspension than ever before. Along with this, the new water proof 24-watt ignition engine was replaced by the CJ-3A's 6 vault system. There was an erect unit vent tube system attached to the air cleaner with fuel tank, transfer case, transmission with the engine.

1953-1964 JEEP M-170 (MD-A)

It was a light-proof career jeep which was also used as an ambulance. It could be used with many types of body packages. This Jeep was primarily used to take the injured to the hospital to receive treatment during the war.
- This jeep was made in 1951 for testing. This is the second model which proved to be a prototype in the history of the Jeep.
- This is a long wheelbase (101 in) jeep, which was more than the standard Jeep. Heavy suspensions were given in this. It is also known as MD-A.

1963-1991 JEEP WAGONEER (SJ)

In 1962 the Jeep launched its first luxury 4 * 4 SUV This car replaced the WizIs Utility Wagon Line's cars. This car was counted as a luxury car that was known for its style, design and comfort.
The most special thing is that a 6-cylinder truck engine was installed in this luxury car. This was the first 4 * 4 Independent Front Suspension Vehicle with the first Fully Automatic 4 * 4 system car.
American Motors Corporation acquired Kaiser Jeep Corporation in 1970. Where the production of Wagoneer was started. With this luxury car, the company has introduced the V8 engine.
- Wagoneer Limited (1978-1979) was one of the most famous luxury cars of that time, which people liked well. It was the most luxurious 4 * 4 car. Road and Trek Magazine named the car 'The Champagne of 4-wheel-drives'.

002-2007 JEEP LIBERTY (KJ)

In 2001, the company introduced another luxury car in the market, which replaced Jeep's Cherokee (XJ) from the market. Round headlamps were given in this new jeep which people liked very well. 7 grills were given at the front of the carriage
This car was equipped with a 3.7L V6 engine. In addition, 6 speed gear transmission was also given in this carriage.

1987-1996 JEEP WRANGLER (YJ)

With this, the Jeep introduced a Modern Jeep in the market which is very much like Jeep Lover. Presented this car with a new-age interior with Wide Trek, Angled Grilled, Rectangle Headlamp. The headlamps used in this car did not use such a design before in any of its cars.
- This jeep has more models such as Base ("S" or "SE"), Laredo, Islander, Sport, Sahara, Renegade and Rio Grande.
- In 1987, American Motors was bought by Chrysler Corporation, after which the car was named after Chrysler's Jeep / Eagle Division.


- In 2004, the Jeep introduced its latest Wangler Ultimate, which replaced Wangler's TJ. Its 103-inch big wheel base has been provided, which is a better car for off-roading. An unlimited version has been given a bigger leg space as well as more spaces in the interior of the car.
The car has the power to pull up to 3500 pounds.


Recently, the Jeep has launched three latest models in the market, which is a unique model of style and power.
Grand Cherokee, which is equipped with the latest Jeep features, is worth 1.25 crores. This is the Jeep's most expensive car so far.
It has a 3.0L V6 EcoDiesel engine which is of 2987cc.
This engine generates 240 bhp @ 3600 rpm power as well as generates torque of 570 Nm @ 2000 rpm. Equipped with fully automatic features, this car remains the first choice of people who prefer luxury cars.

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