Best bike care tips

Best bike care tips

Whether you are fond of cars or bikes or both, their maintenance is as important as owing them. As the car needs service from time to time, the same type of service is needed for your bike too. So, let us tell you some important tips that you can use to keep your bike in perfect condition and enjoy riding without any hassles for a long period of time.
Keep the engine's regularly serviced  Do the cleaning of the carburetor and valve at the time of service. Clean the carburetor after every 1500 kms. Keep in mind the bike's spark plug too. Replace spark plug after every 1500 kilometers in the 4-stroke bike .

Engine Oil:
The most important part of the bike is its engine. Therefore, its care is very important. The use of good engine oil is very important for better engine performance. Along with it, changing engine oil at the same time is equally important. Always check engine oil level. Also, keep in mind that engine oil is not leaking from anywhere. Bike with dirty engine oil not only affects the mileage but also affects the life and performance of the engine.
Air filter:
Air filters are also an essential part of the bike. Keep cleaning the bike's air filter periodically. Definitely, change the air filter at a fixed time.
Adjustment of the clutch is very important. Do not keep the clutch too tight. Keep the free play in the clutch, so that the clutch does not stop while riding the bike. This puts an extra load on a clutch, which can affect the bike mileage.

Maintenance of the chain in the bike is also very important. Get the chain clean from time to time. With the help of a soft brush, clean the clay on it. Never wash the chain with water, as fear of rusting of chain remains. Never leave the chain too tight or too loose. Keep checking the chain from time to time.

Take special care of tire condition and air pressure. Get the Wheel Balancing checked from time to time. Never use tires without adequate air pressure.

Keep the bike clean with regular servicing. If there is any leakage in the battery, replace it immediately. If the bike does not run much then keep charging the battery periodically.
The above mention points are best bike care tips that if you follow regularly then there won't face any hassle in your driving and you’ll get the full return of your hard earn money by enjoying your bike drive.

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