Best diesel SUV under budget 10 lakh in India

Best  diesel SUV under budget 10 lakh in India

With ever-increasing disposable income among Indians, the car craze has also gone up among people. There are various types of cars on the market today. This is the reason that when it comes to buying a car, due to the many options, we are sometimes confused in choosing the best car. Through this article, we will be telling you about the best cars in the SUV segment of diesel-based cars within 10 lakhs ...

Ford Ecosport

The first name in this list is Ford EcoSport. Its Talking Point is the car cabin that is equipped with many new features. Apart from this, due to the revival suspension, there is a lot of comfort in the car. In the top most version of the car, 6 airbags have been provided for safety. Counting the safety features, the worth goes to about Rs 10 lakh. Speaking of other diesel variants, the price of 1.5l Diesel Ambiente MT 8.42 lakh, 1.5l Diesel Trend MT cost 9.16 lakh, 1.5l Diesel Trend + MT worth 9.56 lakh, 1.5l Diesel Titanium MT is worth 9.99 lakhs. Among them are some models worth more than 10 lakhs. These include models such as 1.5l Diesel Signature MT, 1.5l Diesel Titanium + MT and 1.5l Diesel S MT, whose price is 10.99 lakhs, 11.04 lakhs and 11.89 lakhs respectively.

Tata Nexon
This is one of the Value for Money SUV in this segment. Apart from price and styling, there are many more things that make this car attractive. Its diesel engine is quite good, the cabin space is quite large. Talking about diesel variants, the price of Nexon XE diesel is 7.19 lakh, Nexon XM diesel costs Rs 7.84, Nexon XT diesel costs 8.40 lakh, Nexon XZ diesel costs 8.99 lakh and Nexon XZ + diesel is worth 9.69 lakh.

Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza

Maruti's compact SUV is one of the best-selling cars. This is because it is also trustworthy like Maruti's other cars. Also its price also fits the common man. However, its 1.3-liter diesel engine with 90 horsepower is outdated, which is somewhat lacking in it. Speaking of the price, Vitara Brezza LDi 7.521 lakh, Vitara Brezza VDi 8.04 lakh, Vitara Brezza ZDi 8.82 lakh and Vitara Brezza ZDi + 9.77 lakh.

Renault Duster 85PS

Reno's Duster 85 is a good option in diesel segment. Its performance is much better. This car comes with a rough and tougher look. Talk about the deficiency, the car's cabin is a bit smaller. The most important thing that is worth is Renault's Standard Model 8.95 lakhs, RXE 9.09 lakhs, RXS 9.95 lakhs, RXZ 10.89 lakhs.

Mahindra TUV300

Mahindra's most important factor in this car is its built quality. Its chassis is quite strong and it shows its rough and sturdy look. There is considerable space in the carriage cabin. The car is one of the favorites among the people but also with a fairly good price. Speaking of the price, the price of T4 + 8.26 lakh, T6 + worth 8.83 lakh, T8 price 9.54 lakh and T10 model cost 9.99 lakh rupees.

So the above mentioned are SUV under the budget of 10 lakhs, they are the most popular in a budget of every middle-class family to feel like high-end society. In case you are looking for bikes that are under a budget of Rs.2 lakh or 200 CC bikes in India then it will be worth following the given links.  

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