BMW launches mobile app for India – Read about functions and features

BMW launches a mobile app for India – Read about functions and features

BMW launches a mobile app for India – Read about functions and features

BMW, the leading luxury car manufacturer in Germany, has launched a great mobile app for the convenience of its customers in the Indian market. With the help of this mobile app, customers of BMW can now get all the information related to their cars on the tip of their fingertips. Although this mobile app of the BMW in the overseas market was already existing long enough, this app has been specially made for the Indian market.

This new mobile app from BMW will give many benefits to customers. Through this app, customers can access all types of data or information related to their BMW car. Apart from this, the information about any car or service launched by the company and company will continue to be available directly to the customer through this app. There will be no need for customers to go to the service center or distributorship.
Customers can also file their applications through the mobile app for any type of complaint or suggestion related to the car. This app will also provide complete information about your nearest dealership. This BMW app will also provide roadside assistance to customers, apart from the general customer care number related to showrooms.
Apart from this, the complete information about the gallery, its features, specifications, and prices of all the models of BMW has been included in this app. Through this app, customers can also buy merchandise of BMW which will be available on this app at a reasonable cost.
Considering the way the mobile revolution has taken place in the country and technology has caught up, this move of the company is very convenient for the customers. This will give customers a lot of comforts. Here are some of the features related to this app that we are describing below, which are as follows -

BMW M LapTimer: ​​In this category, you can track your BMW car with real-time, like car servicing, driving kilometers, battery status etc. Real-time data of these things will be easily available to you in this cathedral.
BMW Aggated: In this category, the company has made customization of customized BMW 7 Series available. Currently, this service has been made available only for the BMW 7 Series.
BMW Eye Visualizer: In this category, the company has provided information regarding the cars related to its I series. For example, you can customize accessories like cars like BMW i3 and i8, etc. You can customize them accordingly.
BMW Individual: You can choose by customizing the products of BMW according to your needs and can also buy them. BMW Lifestyle Catalog: In this category, you can view BMW's car, bike, or bicycle accessories through photos and videos and make purchases by choosing your favorite accessories.
The BMW India App: The BMW India App is an extremely essential service for the Indian market, which the company has now made available to its customers. You can easily install it on your smartphone and take advantage of all the benefits provided by the company. It is very difficult for everyone to take out time in busy lifestyle. Everyone wants to fulfill all the requirements related to him easily without running a race. In this case BMW India's app will prove to be very helpful. These apps are available on Google Play store and Apple Store.

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