Driving tips for pregnant womens

Driving tips for pregnant women

Women these days have become more independent and are moving neck to neck with the pace of the world. One of the most beautiful moments that come to a woman is motherhood, but at the same time, that also calls for making choice between family and career. In most metro cities as well as Tier II cities women prefer to continue with their job even during the last stages of pregnancy and that poses a threat to the unborn life waiting to enter the world. Women who travel by self-driven car needs to be very precious in order to be safe while driving.
If you are also going through this stage or any of your friend is in such a situation, then these tips can prove to be a good gift. Let us make you aware of such precautions in this post. Now let's share some driving tips for pregnant women

When you tie the seat belt

In such a situation, it is most important to take care of the right position of a seat belt. That the seat belt should be below the abdominal and remove the belt of the seat belt passing through the shoulder between the chest. After applying the belt, check once that the belt is properly trapped in the clip.

Keep distance from the steering wheel

Keep your seat so backward that there is no pressure on the stomach while driving. You can also relax the seat according to the body's structure. By doing this, if an airbag opens in an accident, its direct pressure will not come on your stomach.

Support behind the waist

If you have a pain in the waist attached to the pregnancy, then support the waist using small and soft pillows or curved towels. It will prove quite comfortable during driving. Even if you do not have pain, you should take this approach as a precaution.

Avoid long driving

If you are driving for several hours, then take some break. Driving to a long time increases blood flow to the feet. It can cause swelling in the legs and ankles. Take halt for a while, stretch the legs, rotate the ankles and move the toe-to-dive. Doing this will save you from the leg cramps happening in pregnancy.

Avoid fast speeds and bouncy roads

During pregnancy, a child who is in the stomach has difficulty with momentum in your body. Therefore, take special care of speed while driving and never brake with shock nor jump the car on speed breaker. Drive on the same roads that you already know about, by doing this, you will save yourself from potful roads.

Avoid driving if not necessary

If someone is traveling with you who can drive, then let him drive. The rear seat of the car is very good in the safety of the woman's safety. If you are sitting next, reverse your seat as much as possible, so that the pressure on the stomach is not there if the airbag opens. Wherever you go, keep a copy of your pregnancy record, test result and emergency contact wherever you go.

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