Fiat sues Mahindra & Mahindra in US, wants Roxor banned in US

Fiat sues Mahindra & Mahindra in US

Fiat Chrysler has sued Mahindra & Mahindra in US. The allegation is that the design of Roxor Accorder of Mahindra is similar to Fiat's iconic 'Willys Jeep'. Fiat filed a case in the US International Trade Commission on August 1.

In this, demand from India for the import and sale of Roxor trains kits in the US was banned. At the time of World War II, the Willys Jeep is no longer produced. Roxor is contested by Fiat's Wrangler in the US market.
Mahindra Roxor
Mahindra's American Utility Vehicle Business is a new one. It launched the Roxor in the US in March this year. There it does not have complete manufacturing. Its kits are manufactured in India and exported. Assembling them at the plant near Detroit.

Mahindra does not sell Roxor in India. Here in India, only Thar is sold. The Roxor model is also based on Thar. The company has announced to invest Rs 4,000 crore in Roxor Production Plant.
Willys Jeep
3 Reasons for Fiat's objection: First-Fiat Chrysler has alleged that Roxor's body size and vertical edge meet Willys Jeep. The back part is also the same. In the US, the price of Roxor starts at $ 15,500 (Rs 10 lakh). Jeep's Wrangler's initial price is $ 27,500 (Rs 18 lakh). I.e. Roxor is about 44% cheaper than Wrangler.

Third-Fiat Chrysler has said that the manufacturing of Roxor kit in Mahindra and Assembling is done in India. This makes it cheaper to make a car for Mahindra.
Jeep is dependent on brand Fiat Chrysler: Fiat is largely dependent on jeep in the US. Its total sales increased 5.9% in July, but Jeep brand sales increased by 16%. Jeep was the best-selling brand for the year 2017.
Mahindra was also made in 1947. Willys Jeep: In the Second World War, Willys produced Jeep for the US Army. In 1947 Mahindra also started its production in India. In 1953, Kaiser Motors bought the Willis Company and American Motors Corporation bought Kaiser in 1970. Chrysler bought Jeep Brands from American Motors Corporation in 1987.
Due to poor financial condition, Chrysler filed for bankruptcy in the US in 2009. Fiat acquired it in January 2014.

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