How to take care of cars in monsoon – Expert Advice

How to take care of cars in monsoon – Expert Advice

How to take care of cars in monsoon – Expert Advice

Car Lovers adopt a variety of means to maintain their car, but in the rainy season, it is difficult to save your car from water and mud. However, to avoid water in the rainy season people use the car more. With this, we find ourselves in water, but the car cannot escape from rainwater and mud. By which the sludge sticks in the lower parts of the car and rust kicks in the parts of the car. The fear of breakage is always there in such condition. In order to give a better care to our car after the rain, let's tell you what steps are suggested by auto experts. Let’s now discuss on how to take care of cars in monsoon

1. Is it necessary to immediately service the car after the rain? How much does it cost?

Yes, the chances of filling water in the car increase in the rainy season. The car comes out of the large pitches of water, whereby the water in the brake (front/ back) of the car gets filled. Because of which the chances of its jammed tires increases.
Water gets mixed in the brake oil, power steering oil and gear oil, such other oil or fluid present in the car.

What to do

Go to the company's Authorized Centers. Many companies put pre/post monsoon camps, which has free checkup facility. These centers have sensor scanners and lift facilities. Vehicle sensors are checked by scanners whether they are working correctly or not.
Clean up the car so that the brake, (disc/drum) mud flaps are completely clear. If there is no free checkup then the general checkup costs up to Rs 500-1000.

2. How to find out that the car needs service?

Today's cars are equipped with the latest Infotech system. Many of these cars are automatic. Many options are available in the console panel. However, today's latest cars have a service reminder light which starts blinking if, service is required for the car. In this case, you can easily find out that the car needs service. In order to maintain the car, it should take a general check of the car every 6 months or 5000 km. - In addition to every one year or 10,000km, the oil filter and air filter should be replaced with the engine oil.
If the driver of the car ever sees a problem in starting the car, reduction in the power of the car, the abnormal light in the meter or the strain of the car, then immediately check the car from an Authorized Centers or any good car mechanic. .

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3. Can the service of the car be done at home also?

No, it is not possible to service the car at home. You can maintain the car at home, by doing just a few basic checkups. At home, you can easily check car engine oil, brake oil.
A dipstick is used to check the car engine oil. There is a maximum / min mark in which you can see if the oil is sufficient in the car or not. When the oil is low, you can fill the oil, that too only by max mark. When more oil is filled, the car starts dropping smoke.
Besides this, you can also check the carriage of brake oil, clutch oil and coolant.

4. What are the things to keep in mind when carrying a car on servicing?

While taking the car to the service station, just keep in mind that whatever problem you have in your car, explain it well to the service center executive. And make sure that he understands your problem properly. Apart from this, when leaving the service check if some valuable items aren't left in the car.
Take the carriage drive while taking the car back, and also make sure that the problem solved as you told it or not.

5. Does the car have oil and coolant changes in every service?

No, it is not necessary to change the coolant of the car on every service. Nowadays, the latest cars come with long life coolant which runs approximately 40-60 thousand kilometers. But it is necessary to change the engine oil on every service.
If there is a gasoline car, then every 10 thousand kilometers should replace the engine oil and the air filter and spark plug on every 30 thousand kilometers.
Diesel filters and A.C. on every 20 kilometers of diesel carriage. Make sure to change the filter.

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6. Can coolant, brake oil and radiator change at home?

There is no fluid finish in the vehicle until there is no leakage. In the market, the coolant from Rs 60 to Rs 500 is available which can be taken according to the car. For this, you must know exactly which coolant is used in your car. Filling the wrong coolant can increase the problem.
Check the level of brake oil in the same way. In the event of depletion, its level can fill up the mark on the brake oil bottle.

7. Which of the two local mechanics or company is selected for servicing?

The first priority should be the Authorized Service Centers of the company.
If you do not have any Authorized Centers nearby, then check your car to a local mechanic.

8. What type of voice should be recognized in the engine that the car needs service?

If an abnormal sound comes from the engine or the engine makes a loud sound, then in this situation, immediately get the car checked.

9. The smoke from the car also says something about car health?

Yes, the smoke coming out of the car says a lot about your car's health. You might be surprised to know that gasoline car produces smoke equal to no.
If we talk of a diesel car, even then it produces very little smoke, but when the engine gets louder, the diesel engine produces Black Smoke.

Smoke is of 3 types

1. Black type of smoke is released when it is damaged in the Black Smoke injection system.
2. When the White Smoke engine is awake or the engine starts moving into the combustion system of the vehicle, this type of smoke comes out when the oil burns.
3. Brownish (Blue) Smoke: This kind of smoke leaves when a technological problem occurs in the engine of the car.

An expert said that keeping these small tips in mind, you can also care for your car

Tip 1: In the event of a park outside the park, make the carriage wiper blades upwards. In the sun the wiper blades of the car are warmed so that they start to crack. And they also get stains on top of the windshield of the car.
Tip 2: Do not use Hand Break in the rainy season. When we release hand breaks after breaking the brake drum, the breaks get stuck.
Tip 3: Diesel should always be filled with a reputed pump. Avoid filling petrol/diesel on highways.
Tip 4: Place nitrogen gas in the tire. To maintain the right pressure, read the tire play card carefully at the door to the driver seat.
Tip 5: Pay special attention to Suspension in the rainy season.
Tip 6: Always run your car on low beam in the city.
So I hope you that like the above mention tips on how to take care of your car in monsoon and will follow the advice for the better experience of driving.

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