Hybrid Tyres launched by JK Tyres with the name Blaze

Hybrid Tyres - Blaze by JK Tyres

The most unsafe ride to been considered is by motorcycles till now. In a country like India, there are two types of buyers, one who buys two-wheeler for their daily commuting and is the other are amateurs who buy bikes for fun only.
Considering the road conditions in India, the safety of the bike is very important. The most important combination in a motorcycle is its stability and durability of the tire. If you do not play safe with tires, you cannot reach your destination or stay safe.
But now perhaps everyone will understand the importance of tire because now the world's renowned tire company JK Tyre has entered the replacement market through two-wheeler tire blazers for two-wheelers. We interacted with JK Tyre's marketing director Vikram Malhotra and he explained in detail about his plans. You also read the key part of that interview
Blaze is a hybrid tire, which is tubeless, but it can also use custom tube clogging. Through this, we have entered the range of two-wheelers for the first time. At the moment we are in the Replacement Market, gradually we will start supplying tires to the bike manufacturers. In the first phase, it is available in 14 sizes, in which we are covering 75 to 80 percent of motorcycles. Our second launch will be in June, in which we will be able to reach out to 95 percent motorcycles by registering their presence in 14 different types of sizes. We have covered the market of 150 cc so far. We are getting a good response right now.

How to reach people

Two wheelers are sold in rural areas, so we want to reach every area where motorcycles are purchased or sold. Monsoon has improved and we will get the benefit of this. That's why we adopted the same traditional distributor model to reach people under which many companies work. Apart from this, we are working together with dealers. GST is implemented and we will pass the benefit to consumers. But the media is the most powerful medium to reach people, so we have started a very different TV commercial in which we have tried to tell that not every tire is the same and compromising with the tires is not less than any risk. Through this TV commercial, we have warned people against their safety in which we have explained the good tire. This is a completely different advert. That's why this ad is black and white to you. People buy motorcycles for different uses. For this reason, it is necessary for them to understand how important their tires are for them. If the tires are not good in the two-wheeler, security falls in danger.
Our tire is full of features such as superior mobility and high weight traction, improved cornering stability and high grip, high fuel efficiency and better stability, better mileage and anti-skidding mechanism, better comfort, stable handling and smooth cornering, equipped trade rubber shifting. We have designed this tire according to the Indian environment and tested its functionality on the race track.

What will be the cost of these tires

The price of tires everywhere depends on the GST, but the tires for small bikes ranges from Rs 1800 to Rs 2200 and the motorcycles' tires above 150 cc would cost Rs 2400 to Rs 2800. But due to our new technology, these tires pay their prices.

Learn about JK Tyres

JK Tyre & Industries Limited is India's leading tire manufacturer. It is counted among the top 25 manufacturers of the world and meets the diverse business sections of the automobile industry with its diverse range of products. JK Tyre's business spans across 100 countries, where it sells finished products from 12 factories including 9 in India and 3 in Mexico. At present, the gross annual production capacity of all its factories is about 35 million tires. JK Tyre, which started radial technology, created the first radial tire in 1977.


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