How to open your car doors when the key is lost?

How to open your car doors when the key is lost?

I would like to share a very funny situation where I forgot my car keys inside the car and which actually led me to write this article about, how to open your car if you lose your car keys.
So, I surrender myself to the internet to research some of the most common and popular methods to open your car without your car keys, after spending some time I come up with some methods that actually can help people in a situation like I was.
If you ever lose your car's key or they get stolen with your bag or some other article or they are locked inside the car, then you will surely know, how much trouble it is to unlock the car after that.

But here we are going to tell you some tricky ways through which you can open the door of a car without a key.

Open door without keys

The way to unlock the door is different in different cars. All new models have a central locking system, which can be opened only through remote control. While the old cars it was done manually. In some cars the locking knob was given on the inside of the door, while some were in the handle. The way to open it is also based on its locking system.

Method No. 1 - Shoe Lace:

This method is effective in cars where unlocking the car does lock the locking knob. First take a shoe lace and make a knot in the middle of it. Now slowly move it in from the side of the door. Fill the knob in a lace trap and lift it up.

Method No 2 - Coat Hanger

Turn the hanger wire from one end and put it in between the doors of the rubber door. Keep trying until the knob gets up.

Method No. 3 - Plastic Strip

Turn a long plastic strip from the center. Insert it from the side of the door and pull the knob.

Method No 4 - Iron Rod and Screwdriver
In this way, you will need a rod and a screwdriver. Drag the gate with the help of a screwdriver and place the rod in it. Now pull the knob up through the rod.
Trust me losing your car keys can be the worst situation that can ever happen to you, so I hope the above mention methods to open your car without keys can help you in the future.

I hope you all will like the article and will keep coming back.

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