3 Most common and high tech gadgets for cars

3 Most common and high tech gadgets for cars

Just like me, most people consider their cars like a second wife or a girlfriend and so why not make your car hi-tech with some very simple gadgets.
Do you know there are a few simple gadgets that can affect your car looks in front of others and to yourself as well, having these gadgets can update the relation between you and your car?
Especially I think these gadgets are must for Indian drivers, so let's not waste any more time and let’s get started
If you have a car and you want to make it modern, then there are some things in the market that you can put in your car.
Phone Mount - Most car companies do not give space in the car to keep a Smartphone, so through phone mount, you can make space for smartphones in the car. Some phones are mounted on the windshield and dashboard, while some air vent allows you to get in the car. From the market, you can put the phone mount of Portronics and Spigen brand for cheap.
Dash camera- This is put in a car where it records from the front. This recording can also be used as a proof in the case of accident. Most dash cameras come with wide angle lenses. Most dash cameras support 32 GB micro SD card, which can record video playback of over 10 hours at 720p HD resolution.
Multi-port charger - If you travel a lot more in the car, then your car must have a car mobile charger. The car mobile charger plugs directly into the car's cigarette lighter ports. Nowadays the device is like the Wall Charger.
There is a choice of multiple ports for charging. Through this, you can charge multiple devices simultaneously. From the market, you will find ERP, MV, Boat and Anchor brand's multiport charger cheaply.
So these are the most common and high tech gadgets for any cars from my point of view, I know that some of you reader might think that what so special about these gadgets but for just one second think your car driving experience without these gadgets.
I hope I made my point clear here if you like this then please share this and keep coming back for more.

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