Right way to hold the car steering

Right way to hold the car steering

It is not called driving but simply accelerating if you do not know the correct way of holding the steering wheel. Driving is an art and you cannot become a good driver unless you learn its nuance. Today, through this article we will tell you what is the right way to hold the car’s steering.
Holding the steering rightly not only lets you reach your destination safely, but the other drivers running on the road have a pleasant journey without any obstacles. So let's tell you what is the right way to hold the car’s steering.

The wrong Position to hold your cars steering

Many people twist the vehicle's steering with one hand or by putting a small wheel on it and operate vehicle's steering with one hand. Many people leave grip instead of grip on steering and keep on handling it. Some people hold the vehicle's steering upwards. By doing this you are playing with the stability of the car by doing all this wrong. When the car is moving then both of your hands should be in the right position with the whole grip at that time. If an airbag gets open in an accident due to holding the steering wheel above it, it will hit you directly and you may get injured.

The right position to hold your cars steering

The position of your hands should be in the nine-position of the clock. The left hand should be at 9 o'clock the needle and hand should be at three o'clock needle. If you keep holding the steering wheel in this way, you will find that the entire road carries as much as you can with both hands moving from one side to the other. If you are taking a big turn, then the way you do it is to keep one hand on steering and keep shifting the other hand. If you practice a bit in a parked car then you will not have any problem. In this way, holding your steering wheel will never lock and your journey will be pleasant. This is the best way to catch a steering wheel.

If you are sitting in someone's carriage and the driver has kept a wrong steering, then definitely explain the right way. This is an easy way and in terms of security, it is very important. Most accidents are because the driver loses control of his steering. If the steering wheel is held correctly, then many accidents can be avoided. The government spends millions of rupees to make people aware about road safety campaign. If we learn lessons from such mistakes then this initiative of the government will also become meaningful.
Please follow the above mention info for your own good and be safe on the road for your loved ones.I hope that you like the article about the right way to hold the car steering and keep coming back for more info like this.

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