Smart Wireless Parking Sensor to Protect any Car from Collision

Smart Wireless Parking Sensor

Although, nowadays, most of the cameras are getting behind the car, but if, there is no camera behind your car, then there is trouble in the parking lot, where the car may collide with anything. Now your problem has been taken care by a smart number plate.

This special number plate will tell you at a distance of 10 feet that there is something behind with which your car can collide. So let's know the specialty of this number plate.
This plate named FenSens Fender Defender will be able to connect via mobile, Android or iOS however for this you need to download an app. The number plate will connect through the app and after that, you will get the full update.

Actually, there is no camera in this plate, but it has four ultrasonic sensors that can detect anything from a distance of 10 feet.
This special plate connects to the Jerry App of Bluetooth. There is also a battery that has to be charged once in about 5 months. The good thing is that this plate is completely water and dustproof.
Use this smart wireless parking sensor to protect your cars from the collision and be safe.

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