Teflon Coating - All you need to know

Teflon Coating  - All you need to know

In today's time, treble coating paints on cars have increased greatly. Whenever you buy a new car from the dealership, the dealership asks you for some time to prepare your car. Extra paints, accessories etc. of the car are placed in the dealership during this time. During this time the Teflon coating is also done at last.
Teflon Coating  - All you need to know

Most people will be aware of this name but what is the meaning of this Teflon coating, they remain unaware of this. To tell you, the Teflon coating is a kind of paint process that is very important for your car. It is also known as Anti Rust. It is a very strong chemical of a kind, which is coated with a layer on your car's body, which protects your car from any kind of scratch.
Actually, it is planted on body paint like a strong surface which keeps the car's paint completely secure. Apart from this, there is a different shine in the body of the car. This makes the paint life even better. Teflon coating is also done within the car.

Teflon Coating Process: How it comes into process


The first step of the Teflon coating process is car washing. The car is washed thoroughly before the mild shampoo so that there is no dust, soil etc. on the body of the car. The fiber part of the car is also washed properly. After washing the car, it is well-dried. The body of the car is cleaned with a soft cloth so that there is no dirt on the body.


The next step comes after washing the car, polishing the car. In this process, 3M car wax is used. Which gives a different color to the body's paint of the car. Polishing is done before Teflon coating. Because the surface of the Teflon coating is applied only after the flame that comes on the body of the car. The real effect of polishing is on older cars, its use doubles the shine of cars.

Teflon Coating:

The last and most important phase of this process is a Teflon coating. For this, Teflon Chemical is rubbed with a soft cloth on the whole car. This chemical has a very funny smell, but once it gets dry, the odor itself disappears. Teflon Chemical is left to dry after putting it on the whole body of the body.
When the Teflon is completely dry then another soft cloth is rubbed on the body of the whole car, the process continues until a shiny layer on the body of the car starts appearing. Because this process requires a lot of work and it is not easy for everyone. Therefore, some people use polishing equipment instead of clothes in this process.

Important points when it comes to Teflon coating on your car:

When the Teflon coating is done on the car, then it is also necessary to take special care of it. After coating, any type of soap or detergent should not be used on the body of the car. Use pH.-neutral shampoo only when you wash the car. Because detergent reduces the thickness of the coating. You can get such a pH from any car accessories store. Can easily buy natural shampoo.

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After using the Teflon coating, most of the scratches and marks on the car disappear easily. But even if there is a trail or scratch on your car, you can use 3M, Formula 1, Preston or any better brand Wax for it. This will make every kind of scratch or mark disappear from your car immediately. Apart from this, you can also use the liquid rubbing polish of Formula 1 company.

Advantages of Teflon Coating:No tension of light scratches on your car’s

The better the halftone coating is, the more its benefits are also increased. It removes the surfaces of the car very quietly. Due to which there are no scratches on your car. Many times people clean the car body with dirty clothes. At that time the dust in the cloth gets accumulated, which is the main cause of light scratches on the body of the car. But if you have a Teflon coating on your car, then there will be no scratches on your car.

Rust protection:

The biggest feature of the Teflon coating is that it makes your car's body rust resistant. Teflon coating protects the body of the car from moisture and prevents the car body from being rusted.

Shiny body:

Teflon coating makes your car free from scratch and makes it shine even more. Whenever you use wax or polish on your car, your car looks a different brightness.

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Disadvantages of Teflon Coating:

Whenever any technology gives you the solution, it also brings some problems with you. Teflon is similar to the coating as well. It saves your vehicle from scratch but there are some things that are involved in difficulties.

Effective to low duration:

Teflon coating is not effective for a very long time. For this, you have to have your car a Teflon coat from time to time. Generally, the coated coating is usually effective for about 6 months.

Not safe on bad roads:

If you believe that, after you have a Teflon coating, you will not have any kind of scratch on your car then you are wrong. Yes, the small gravels that bounce on the road while driving can dent your vehicle in a big way. As the speed at which they bounce up is so much that they can affect the car's body in big way.

Expensive Technology:

There is a problem of Teflon Coating that you have to spend more money to get it done. This coating is not as cheap as it is understood. You will have to spend up to Rs 3,000 for a car's Teflon coating. That is, in one year you will have to spend about 6 thousand rupees only on the coating. Due to the high price, people make Teflon coating in a new car, but after the car gets old, people do not feel right to spend money on it.
Regardless of the difficulty of the Teflon coating, there are no two opinions that it is very important for your car. If you also want to see your car always glazed, then apply the Teflon coating on your car. Even if your car is outdated, but once you put the Teflon coating on your car, you will see its advantages. However, for security, you have to spend a little more money. Apart from this, if you buy a new car, then definitely ask for a Teflon coating from the dealership.

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