10 Most Effective Measures to Fix Motion Sickness

10 Most Effective Measures to Fix Motion Sickness

10 Most Effective Measures to Fix Motion Sickness

Dizziness, head walking, fatigue and stomach etc. can make your travel experience worse. People do not understand the motion sickness properly. Knowing that the motion sickness is not a disease, it is the situation when our brain receives different signals from ear, eyes and skin.
This puts the central nervous system in a dilemma, although you can correct it with doctor's advice. Although this article will also help you recover from Motion sickness.

Identification of motion sickness

If there is a motion sensation, it can be indigestion, excessive sweating, feeling uncomfortable, face yellowing and head dizziness etc. This problem ranges from the beginning of the journey to a few hours. In some cases, it can also last for 2 to 4 days.
1. Fresh air
During any trip, try to sit on the edge of the window. With this, you will get fresh air and your mind will also be diverted by seeing the outer views. Try not to smell any foods containing strong fragrance, because doing so may cause you to vomit.

2. Light meal
Eat light before traveling or on the trip. Keep drinking water from time to time, which will keep you from dehydration. Because the possibility of motion sickness increases due to dehydration. You can take fresh fruits, bread, boiled eggs, etc. in the meal. Do not eat too much oil or tart in travel.

3. Choose your seat
If you are traveling in a train, bus or a plane, choose a travel direction seat. Also try to sit in front row.
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4. Do not travel while hangover
Your mind is not well settled after a hangover and if you travel, motion sickness can put you in a lot of trouble. Drink a lot of water on the hangover and hydrate your body a little. Complete your sleep and never travel with a hangover, then it will be better.

5. Ginger
Before traveling, drinking a cup of ginger tea does not cause vomiting due to motion sickness. A cup of ginger tea provides relief.

6. Lemon
Lemon is the cheapest and most easily found item. If you have forgotten to take lemon with you, then you will find it easily everywhere. Fresh lemon or fresh lemon juice contains citric acid, which can cure vomiting, motion sickness and delicate stomach during the journey. Lemon juice can even alleviate the dizziness in brain.

7. Salt Crackers
Crackers are easy-to-eat breakfast and are also good for stomach. Salted and fragrant and non-sweetened crackers absorb extra acids and can be used to prevent motion sickness.

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8. Talk to the doctor
If you have any kind of ongoing treatment then consult your doctor before going on a long distance trip or on a difficult journey. As per the consultation of the doctors, make full planning of your trip, food, etc.

9. Have complete sleep
Before you travel, to stay fresh and keep your mind stable have a good night sleep. This helps you a lot in preventing motion sickness.

10. Take medicines when something does not work
Before traveling, you can keep the Motion Sickness medicine with you in consultation with the doctors or take it an hour before leaving for the journey.
The above mentioned 10 Most Effective Measures to Fix Motion Sickness will help make your ride smooth and happy one. I hope these tips will help you in your next long drive.

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