BMW G 310R Review – Buy or not to buy?

BMW G 310R Review – Buy or not to buy?

BMW, the leading automaker of Germany, launched its new fledgling motorcycle BMW G310R on July 18, 2018, in the Indian market. This bike, adorned with a very attractive look and strong engine capability, was introduced to the Indian customers for the first time in 2016 in Delhi Auto Expo 2 years ago by the company. Although at that time, the company couldn't launch the bike due to certain reasons and the bike was delayed on the Indian road.
BMW G 310R Review – Buy or not to buy?

Now after the BMW G 310R has come to the market, it is imperative to ask the question, what is the new BMW G310R, how is the performance and how much does it judge with its BMW G 310R price. But before that we get aware of the specifics of this bike, it is also very important to know that why this delay was there by the company in the Indian market -

BMW Motorrad is a premium two-wheeler manufacturer and it has been building its fabulous bikes all over the world for the last 95 years. So far, the company's portfolio included the engine capacity bikes of heavy cc. Recently in 2013, the company joined hands with the TVS Motor Company and planned to manufacture low-cc engine capacity bikes.
Let me tell you, the BMW G310 stunts were the first concept bike of the coalition which the company had displayed in Brazil in late 2015. Just a month after this, BMW had officially introduced the BMW G310R at the EICMA motorcycle show held in Milan, and after about a few months it was also displayed in the Indian market Delhi Auto Expo.

The production version of this motorcycle was displayed to the world in 2016, and in the overseas market, BMW has also started exporting it to many countries. But in the Indian market, it took almost two years to come.
Initially, the company sold its motorcycle through direct import and export. But after some time, the company expanded its network in the Indian market through TVS Motor Company so that it could be sold in the domestic market. Let's know, how the new BMW G310R is in terms of technical, features and driving.

Design and Style of BMW G 310R: The new BMW G310R is a very luxurious bike. The company has done a lot of work on its design and it looks like BMW's heavy bikes. In terms of design, this bike provides a premium look to every driver and of course this bike will be very attractive to the youth.

The new BMW G310R is a very luxurious bike. The company has done a lot of work on its design and it looks like BMW's heavy bikes. In terms of design, this bike provides a premium look to every driver and of course this bike will be very attractive to the youth.
If you look at this bike from a distance, then it appears in a slick look but when you come to it, you have the impression of being muscular. Overall, the company has not done any kind of design and look in this bike. Attractive muscular and sporty look makes this bike extremely special.

BMW has always been famous for its quality. Based on this, the company has done the best bodywork on this bike. The German tech looks fine in its paint job.
The company has used the White Color Cowl and Tanks in the front, apart from this, it has been given a sub-side down fork of Golden Color to give a better look, which provides a very attractive look to the bike. LED tail lamps have been used in the bike.


Although the LED is not used in its headlight and indicator, which is a mixing part. This feature is very important as a premium bike. In this bike, the fully digital instrument cluster is used which displays fuel gauge, average speed and other signals.

BMW G 310R  Engine efficiency and performance:

In the new BMW G310R, the company has used the capacity of 313 ccs of a liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine, which provides a torque of 28 nm with bike-powered at 33.6 bhp. Apart from this, 6-speed gearboxes have also been included in it. To let you know, this same engine was also used in TVS Apache RR 310. Overall, the experience of this engine has already been received by customers present in the Indian market.
Although she lacks one thing while driving, if the bike is stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic is the problem may increase as it observes a lack of end torque. The bike is better in the case of pick-up. Within just 3.7 seconds, this bike is capable of catching up to 60 kilometers per hour. Apart from this, the top speed of this bike is 143 kilometers per hour.

This is a very great bike to run on the highway. At speed of 100 kilometers per hour and about 6,500 rpm, the bike feels very comfortable. Which is rarely seen in this segment bikes. The company has prepared this bike in a very balanced manner.

BMW G 310R Ride and Handling:

We also ran this bike on the highway and in many places tested this bike during turning. Bike balance and riding experience at any point were superb. Besides, it's handling of course will make you drool. In this bike, the company has also used a better braking system. In the front wheel, a disc brake of 300 mm and a 240 mm disc brake in the rear wheel has been used. Which also gives you better handling and balanced braking experience at high speed.


There are no two opinions in it that the new BMW G310R is a modern age stylish bike. The company has used excellent and sophisticated features, a technical and superb engine in it. Which make this bike extremely brilliant in its segment. In the Indian market, the company has fixed the price of the new BMW G 310R at Rs 2.99 lakh.
Being a premium bike, this motorcycle is very fantastic according to their cost. Apart from this, the nearest rival, Kawasaki Ninja 300, is worth Rs 2.98 lakh in the Indian market. So it would probably be best to drive a German tech bike. Although there is not much difference in the price of both, there is a considerable difference in the brand value with the features, tech and riding experience.

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