Quadro Qooder – Price Features and all you need to know about the 4 wheel scooter

Quadro Qooder 2019– Price Features and all you need to know about the 4 wheel scooter

Quadro Qooder – Price Features and all you need to know about the 4 wheel scooter

Worldwide scooter market is growing rapidly and at the same time the scooter market is getting increasingly demanding. Keeping in mind the taste of the customers, two-wheeler makers from around the world are offering excellent scooters one after another. When we say two wheeled it actually meant two wheels in scooters, but now a scooter has been introduced, in which 4 wheels have been used.

The main reason for this change in the scooter market is that the exercise of making a scooter driving more comfortable. Today we have brought you a similar scooter known as Quadro Qooder. Very attractive look, strong engine capacity, and 4-wheeled scooters to include such technical features that you will be surprised to know.

In fact, this scooter has been made by the Switzerland company Quadro and named it the Qooder. It's a 4-wheeled ultra-modern tilting scooter. Tilting scooter means that its wheels are capable of running smoothly on any surface, even if two wheels of the scooter are in a higher position and other two wheels are on lower ground, then too the suspension will adjust in such condition and scooter remains completely balanced i.e. from this tilted position too the scooter continues to move without spoiling the balance.
This scooter is designed by Lucio Marbes and is famous for such scooter designs. Even before this, he has designed such two-wheeler scooter.

What's new in the New Quadro Qooder 2019
This Quadro Four Wheel Scooter is much better and balanced than a normal two-wheeler scooter. The biggest feature of this scooter is that these scooters can be easily driven on the road due to four wheels. During driving, the driver is safe of falling from the scooter. Now you may be thinking that how much of this scooter can be bent or tilted towards the ground, if it is four wheeled.

If this was a normal four-wheel scooter, then it would have been difficult to do this, but the company has used modern technology equipped with hydraulic tilt system (HTS) in this scooter. It has been connected through suspension in the middle of the wheels. Because of which, when you bend or tilt the scooter on one side, its suspension pipe goes inwardly, so that you can easily turn this scooter like a sports bike, easily.
Not only this, with the help of this hydraulic tilt technology, you can easily mount a wheel of a scooter at a higher position or you can jump the scooter away from any pit. During this time, Tilt Technology will fully support your driving. There will be no problem in any kind of driving. No matter how bad the road is, the four wheels of this scooter keeps good grip on the road.

When you drive a bike and you bend the bike towards the road, you have to take special care of the speed of the bike. Apart from this, you have to pay special attention to your knees so that they do not bump into the surface. But this is not the case in Quadro Qooder scooter. This scooter gives you the flexibility to bend down to 45 degrees and all this is possible due to this hydraulic tilt technology.

Apart from this, the company has prepared the body of this bike very delicately, which provides the stylus look with a balanced drive along with the rider. This time the heavy body scooters are trending. In this case, these scooters will definitely be liked by the youth.

Quadro Qooder Engine efficiency: In the case of the engine, there is no about its efficiency. In the Quadro Qooder, the company has used a single cylinder, 4-stroke engine with a capacity of 399 cc., which provides scooter with strong power of 32.5 horsepower and 38.5 nm torque. In this scooter, the automatic CVT gearbox has been used.

Quadro Qooder size:
Height - 1360 mm length - 2200 mm
Wheelbase - 1580 mm
Total weight - 281 kilograms

Attractive design:
The company has designed this scooter especially as a hornet that looks like a jet sky. The front of the scooter has been provided a very sharp look. Apart from this, seating arrangements have been done very well in order to provide better and comfortable travel to the driver. In it, the driver's foot is fully covered with the front panel and the driver's seat is placed slightly below. Behind the scooter is a handy locker where you can keep your helmet. The company has introduced this scooter in Raw Black, Titanium Gray, Swiss Red and White Color.

All these colors fuse very smoothly with the look of this scooter. The price of this Quadro Qooder scooter is $10,990, i.e. about 9.25 lakh rupees Indian currency. Although it is difficult to say whether this scooter will be offered in the Indian market or not, the scooter is in a very broad discussion about its technical and design. Well, in the Indian market, more than one spectacular scooters are being introduced and there is considerable change in this segment. In such a situation, it is expected that the company will present this scooter in the Indian market.


  1. Please tell me pakistani prize i need a bike i am pakistani

    1. Go here for price and purchase

  2. All you need to know.......I guess I don’t need to know what kind of gas mileage it gets.

  3. Quadro Qooder is sure going to transform the motorbiking experience with its superb technology in four tilt wheel vehicle. This four wheeled scooter is built for the future with safety, agility, precision, comfort and fun of a car.Quadro Qooder Scooter – Four Tilt Wheel Vehicle – Specifications & Features


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